Love embraces all.

If I were my own best friend I sit down with a quote from William Ellery Channing…

“We are to be animated with a love which embraces all, of every rank and character. A love which forgets divisions and outward distinctions, that breaks down the old partition walls and seeks a divine spark in every intelligence. “

William Ellery Channing

***I love the visual nature of this quote. I love the idea of love embracing, and possibly overtaking all around it. I love the idea of love breaking through divisions and not seeing outward differences. It makes me think of colors and clams. 

Think of it, clams are all crammed into this happy little space, doing their fine clammy-thing. They are usually a pinkish-grey color. But what if they were racy red and hot pink and earthy green and turquoise and fiery orange and some really great flashy violet… and you get the picture. They would still be happy clams! And with all the fantastic colors they would be even more fun! Someone should invent colored clams!!

P.S. For those who have no idea who William Ellery Channing was – he was best known for being a Unitarian minister in the 19th century as well as a transcendentalist. This quote happens to be from his memoirs. 

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