My wish for you is that you continue.

Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness

Maya Angelou



Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Rachel. I’m a nurse who loves to write. If this weren’t a virtual space I’d offer you a cup of lemonade and a cookie. Let’s sit in rocking chairs on the front porch and chat. If it’s a cool day I’ll give you a blanket to cover your lap.

If I were my own best friend

This blog has been around since 2011. Over the years the writing has changed and the art work has evolved, but the author and illustrator (me) are still the same person. Take a look around. You might find something you like or need.

Most of the content focuses on living your best life (whatever that might look like for you). There are stories, quotes, and reflections. I believe stories are one of the best ways to connect with others. Through stories we often recognize the “sameness” between us.  

Nurse: A memoir

Perhaps you found your way here after reading or hearing about “Nurse: A memoir.” This is a book I wrote and published in 2022. It reflects back on some of my experiences in nursing and the hard-fought lessons I’ve learned. It’s a way of giving back to the next generation of nurses as they enter this field. Hopefully they’ll learn from some of the mistakes I made and have a smoother path for it.

However, for now, imagine we’re sitting on a front porch sipping a cool drink and rocking in chairs. Pull up a seat. Let’s explore this world and our lives a little bit. Stay awhile. I’m so glad you’re here.