Evolve & Grow

Be a Capillary and let new things in.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to…

be a capillary.

pick new things up from your surroundings

(Examples if “new things”: skills, ideas)

***Capillaries are very thin blood vessels that allow for nutrients to diffuse out and other products to diffuse in.

If you are acting like a capillary (and allowing things in) I think it’s important to think about what you are allowing in. You could be picking up all variety of new skills, ideas, experiences. A question to ponder: are these new things you are picking up leading to growth? Helping you live? Providing healing? Or are they mostly “waste products” that are getting in your way?

Capillaries don’t have much of a “choice” about what diffuses into them. The body has a variety of mechanisms that shift things in and out based on high and low concentration gradients and the need for equilibrium. The beautiful thing about being a human (and only acting like a capillary) is that you have much more free will.

Are you using it? Or are you passively allowing things in without thinking much about it? Be a smart capillary – pick what you let in! 

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