Be Human Gratitude

The Flawed.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to…

…appreciate the flawed, the unusual, the unique.

This is a new, unused (until now) piece of paper.

It came to me with a big groove running diagonally along the left side and two indents in the middle of the right side. My first thought was to tear it out of the notebook and start on a new sheet. My second thought was, WAIT, I can use this!

How often do we automatically look at something that is slightly flawed or unusual and pass it by? It’s not up to “standard” therefore I don’t want it or I can’t use it. Why not look at the groove and think… “if I were a speck of dust in the middle of this groove would it look like the Grand Canyon? would it be beautiful to me?” Or look at the two indents and think… “Hhhm, did a vampire try to eat this piece of paper?”

I know it is quite silly to think these things about a piece paper, but maybe that’s the point too – how much silly do you inject into your life on a regular basis??

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