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Plan ahead.

One might might think after writing and posting on this blog for nearly 10 years I would have a system for creating and posting content. One would be wrong.

I made a commitment to myself (and those who take the time to read this) to post once weekly. I believe it is important to honor that. Yet my process for writing is often haphazard and I don’t have anything queued up and ready to go in case disaster strikes (which it does occasionally).

I started planning a Thanksgiving menu weeks ago. Pulled out all the recipes I could think of I might want to make. Organized them into different categories. Thought about logistics and what would travel well to deliver to relatives. Created my own flow sheet with cook times and temperatures. Thought about flavors and textures. I worked on it every day, for a little bit. I planned. Ahead of time.

Thanksgiving menu plan vs. Blog posting

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to commit to the practice of planning to be creative, similar to planning a menu. Commit the time every day to write. And then write. The content may not be planned, but the act of writing will be. I will feel more prepared. And though I know it will not be easy every day, I know I will be slowly building my practice. Day by day. Do the work. Plan ahead.

1 comment on “Plan ahead.

  1. This is sage advice (both wise and herby) for everything we do. I need to pay more attention to the planning out the big picture and the small steps I can take every day to get there.

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