Be Human


Word-nerd alert. We’re talking homophones today. Nothing too deep. Just a little nerdy wordy fun.

What is a homophone? It’s two (or more) words that sound the same but have different meanings or spellings.

Here we go…

Oui, we wee-wee! (Translation: yes, our group is peeing!)

Stop meddling with the metal for the medal I won by showing off my mettle. (Translation: Quit messing around with the solid, hard material for the round, hard object I’m wearing around my neck that I earned by being tough.)

I properly cite the site at which I sight things. (Translation: I appropriately give credit to the place where I see stuff.)

I peek at the peak with pique! (Translation: I look at the mountain with interest!)

They’re over there with their friends. (Translation: Those people are in that place with other people they know.)

The rain reigns and cannot be reined in. (Translation: This wet, soggy weather rules and cannot be controlled.)


I could keep going but I’ll stop.

If I were my own best friend I would occasionally let loose my inner word-nerd and have a little fun. Can you think of any other fun homophones?? Do you have a favorite. Share in the comments if you come up with one!

Warning: It’s a little addicting.

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