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Which voice is right?

There are 2 voices in my head right now. One is not actually my voice, but is someone else’s voice. That voice has recommended I NOT do something because it could be risky. That voice suggested a safer course of action. Risk reduction and caution are foundations of that voice.

The other voice is telling me to do the thing I want to do. Disregard the first voice. It will be alright. You have been looking forward to this thing for quite some time. Yes, things have recently changed. Yes, there is a new possible risk but really, how big is that risk? What’s the worst that could happen? Do the thing you set out to do.

So, which voice is right?

Which voice do I listen to right now?

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself I’m concerned about having two voices arguing in my head. Why aren’t there more voices? Ha. Just kidding!

Hmmm. I don’t know what to tell myself. Usually I’m quite good about following directions and listening to the advice of someone with experience and knowledge. Yet lately I’ve been listening more to my inner voice and following that, not an external expert.

So, which voice do I listen to? Who do you listen to?

2 comments on “Which voice is right?

  1. That made me smile… the joke you made about wanting MORE voices in your head!
    If you are taking votes – I’ll place my vote for listening to yourself.
    And I had another chuckle while thinking about this…
    In my mind, if I had one of the difficult, almost unanswerable questions you are referring to, you know who I’d like to consult with… YOU!

    • Needless to say I listened to the expert. I opted for safety and risk reduction.
      I’ve decided it was the right decision because it was the decision I made. (Although the other voice is a bit miffed and pouting in the corner right now.)

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