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The storm.

…this is exactly what big storms do: They breach our boundaries and burst our pipes. They wear down structures and flood our normal routes and pathways. They strip away the signposts and leave us in a changed landscape, changed ourselves, with no choice but to find a new way forward.

I recognize this now, but for a time there, all I could see was the storm.

Michelle Obama, “The Light We Carry”

Have you ever been in a big storm? It could have been an actual storm with wind and rain or snow and ice. Maybe you lost power or rivers flooded. Electricity was lost. Internet was down. Things were damaged or even destroyed.

Maybe it was more a metaphorical storm. The life you knew was under siege. People you loved weren’t who you thought they were. There may have been loss, death, divorce. Destruction of relationships. Maybe a new life came into yours. That may be equally stormy for some.

The point is, when you’re in the storm it can be really hard to see anything other than the storm.

And yet, storms are transient. They do not last forever.

If I were my own best friend, and I found myself rocked by a storm, I would remind myself to see the storm but also to know, the storm will pass. This storm is not forever. This storm may change my landscape, my life, everything I have known.

But on the other side, is something new, something non-stormy, something worth walking through the storm for. A new path that wasn’t there prior to the storm may become clear.

Addendum: I’ve been reading Michelle Obama’s latest book, “The Light We Carry.” There are so many thought-provoking passages, tidbits, moments of clarity. I’ll share more as I work my way through it. But this quote I shared today, resonated with me visually and internally. The idea of being in a storm and having your landscape changed by it. The idea of being in a storm and being unable to see anything else.

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