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I’ve spent the last two weeks being aware of how stuck I am. It’s probably been longer than two weeks, but the key part of this is the “being aware” of it. Not moving in any direction. Spinning my wheels. Getting more stuck. And knowing I’m stuck.

I’m a master of looking busy. So the last few two weeks it has appeared like I’m doing things. I can fill a day with all sorts of things and tasks and stuff. Yet at the end of the day I remain stuck in the important areas. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck.

I’m also a master of coaching others in how to unstick themselves. In fact I’ve written about it on this very blog. Giving myself advice on how to unstick myself and be brave and move forward. Take the leap. Break a big thing into smaller things to get going. Go forth into the world and seek your adventure. Be strong. Be bold. Be you.

Blah. Here I am. Stuck.

I’m stuck but appear very busy! Check back later…

So, if I were my own best friend I would be getting pretty darn irritated with myself for remaining stuck. (Despite knowing quite well how to unstick myself.)

I might be ready to give my old backside a good hard kick to get moving.

I might tell myself to make a list of my top three goals for next week (or maybe just one goal).

I might suggest to myself I write down one objective, achievable goal for next week. Just one. Put it in writing. On Monday. A thing to do. A thing that will be done.

I might bribe myself by making a commitment to donate money to a cause I abhor if I do NOT follow through on completing my one goal to get unstuck.

Or, I might remain stuck. Too uncertain, scared, and “busy” to move forward. Stuck.

I’ll let you know next week how it goes. Anyone else out there feeling stuck?

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