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Simple Pleasures.

It had been a while since I took a moment and appreciated something simple and lovely. Like a bouquet of tulips. It had been eons since we had cut flowers and I was surprised by how much they brightened the table, my outlook, my day. I had forgotten how nice fresh flowers can be, but now I remember.

It had been a while since someone gave me a small treat and said ‘thank you for being on time and doing this thing you are doing.’ The thing I was doing was relatively unremarkable but the fact it was acknowledged was surprisingly nice. The small treat brightened the moment, my outlook, my day. I had forgotten about how nice a small acknowledgement can be, but now I remember.

Both things were simple, relatively inexpensive pleasures. Yet, they made such a difference.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself about two things. First, pause and be grateful, be present, and acknowledge those simple pleasures when they come into your life. They’ll last longer that way! And second, give, bestow, share simple pleasures with others.

Everyone may not like a vase of flowers or a small candy. Figure out what lights people up (or just ask them what they like!) and do that. It might be drinking a cup of coffee (or tea) while sitting in the sun. It might be listening to waves crash on the beach. It might be looking at a painting. It might be taking the time to watch a show that makes you laugh so hard you snort. It might be getting really dirty in a mud puddle.

Simple pleasures. I have an inkling that if we all filled our days with a few more simple pleasures. And if we all passed on a few to others, this world would grow exponentially brighter.

2 comments on “Simple Pleasures.

  1. Great concepts and ideas, Rachel!
    A welcome reminder.
    Thank you!

    • Simple pleasures. It was a good reminder. So often I don’t slow down and appreciate those little things. They really do make a big difference.

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