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Holding up the world.

It’s been over a month. Wow.

What have I been doing? Besides not writing my blog…

I have spent a lot of time volunteering. In the schools. With kids. Working on projects at home. For the schools. For these kids.

You see, the need is great. Yes, kids are resilient. Yes, they have weathered these past few years and shown resilience and growth and remarkable grit. And yet, there is still a great need. I have never seen an overall, level of need as great as this in the schools.

So, I have been trying to hold up my little corner of the world.

And what I have learned, is that no one, single person, can hold it up alone. It requires a group of people. Each holding up their own little part. Each spreading the pressure, the burden, the work.

When the weight of the world is shared, it makes all the difference. It is not as heavy. It is not as hard. It is lighter, both in weight and in the sense of light vs. dark.

So, if I were my own best friend I would encourage myself to keep volunteering where I can, when I can. To spread the word about the need in the schools. For kids. To encourage others to pick up their tiny corner and help.

If you are already volunteering in some way that feeds your soul, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your time and your service. It makes a difference.

Imagine what would happen if everyone who had one hour a week to give, gave that hour to a school in their area (or something else that brought them joy). Imagine the difference it could make in the lives of kids. These resilient, remarkable kids who are growing up in unprecedented times.

Do you have an hour to give?

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