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PSA: Don’t smoke at the gas station.

This one is pretty self explanatory, but even in 2022, apparently it needs repeating.

Public Service Announcement: Do not smoke at the gas station.

Sometime last month I was filling up my car with gas. A giant shiny SUV pulled in at the pump next to me. Music was thumping. The SUV was raised to a towering height. Shiny silver rims on the tires blinded me in the sunlight. The driver left his car running and got out. Smoking. He looked at me and took one more draw then dropped the cigarette on an oil stain and let it smolder.

He walked around to start filling up his large, shiny, noisy, thumping vehicle. I stepped on the smoldering cigarette butt to put it out.

I finished pumping my gas and was getting in my car when Mr. SUV came back around his vehicle and pulled out a lighter and another cigarette. He proceeded to light up. At the gas station. While pumping gas into his still running vehicle. Surrounded by signs all stating “No Smoking.”

I pulled away, some combination of anger, sadness, and shock swirling in me.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself I cannot fight all the fights. But this one, seems like it bears mentioning. Don’t smoke at the gas station. It’s not just about the gas, it’s also about the vapors from the gas. They’re flammable, which means they can light on fire. That’s bad.

So, don’t smoke at the gas station.

Epilogue: The gas station did not catch on fire or blow up (like they do in the movies). The guy smoked his cigarette, filled his vehicle with gas, and drove away. No apparent lessons learned. Yet, a good reminder to me, and anyone who reads this little blog.

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