Evolve & Grow

Small steps.

This is not a new idea. It’s not even new to this blog. I’ve reflected on it before. How do you tackle a really large thing? How do you get from point A to point Z?

I’ve seen this illustrated as ladders, steps, rocks, maps, you name it. Yet, it bears revisiting.

How do you start something really large? Something that feels overwhelming, uncertain, unwieldly and oh so, very very important.

You take small steps.

If I were my own best friend I would hang a picture of this somewhere for myself to see. I would tell myself to look at it. It’s how you’re going to get from here to there. It’s how you’re going to conquer a dragon. It’s how you’re going to grow and change and do those things that whisper in your heart of hearts. “Do me. Pick me. Become me.”

Take small steps. Lots and lots of them.

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