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Fly-by ideas.

I had an idea this morning for a blog post. It arrived somewhere in the middle of making lunches and getting the kids up for school. It had nothing to do with what this blog post is actually about. I didn’t write the idea down. Poof. It was gone.

Some ideas will tolerate a level of disregard. They’ll flit about while I do dishes, fold clothes, and tie shoes. They’ll buzz back and forth while I garden, shower, or wipe off the table. They are patient. They swoop in then back off a little and wait for me. Swoop. Wait. Flutter. Wait.

Other ideas though. They fly by. A quick buzz. A wisp. A glimpse of gossamer wings. And if I don’t write them down immediately. If I don’t capture some small part of their essence they’re gone. I imagine, on to some other soul, who is more approachable or open at 6:52 in the morning while making lunches. Or who does not have to clip their children’s toenails or wash baked cheese off of a pan. Some ideas just cannot wait for those things. These “life things” to happen.

Yet, I love those ideas. The fly-by glimpses of something that could be great.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to carry post-its and a pencil or pen. Or index cards. Or even dictate them into my phone (though I’m more likely to have paper and pencil then my phone on me). Because ideas seem most often to zing by when I’m moving laundry from the washer to dryer. Pulling weeds in the backyard. Cleaning up the house. Or doing something else that would seem unlikely to attract a really great idea.

I do wonder though… if I were actually prepared (with notecard and pencil) would the ideas come at all? Or is half the fun buzzing by and waiting to see if I can catch it before it is gone? Hmm.

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