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I wrote a book.

If you’ve been following along the past two weeks, you may know, I wrote a book. I edited the book (a lot). Then, I self-published the book. There was a bit of a lag between hitting submit and the book actually being published. But it finally happened!

The book looks back on my past 20 years spent working in healthcare. It’s called “Nurse: A memoir.”

You won’t learn how to start an IV or give a bed bath, but you will learn about the day-to-day experiences that make the work unlike anything else. These are the things that are hard to teach in a classroom.

You may come to understand the difference between healthcare and healthy care, the power of connection with others, and the beauty of life when it’s close to the end. Join me as I look back and reflect on whether it has all been worth it.

So now, since the book is finally published, the big question I’ve been asking myself all week, is “what have I learned”?


If I were my own best friend I would reflect and realize I’ve learned a few things going through this process. Mostly, I would tell myself to sit down and start writing again. Regularly. Every day. Writing was/is the best part. Editing was not the best part. Publishing was something I wanted to do. And I’m glad I did it. However, writing was the good stuff.

So, do more of the good stuff. Do the other things, like editing and publishing (if needed to bring closure). But mostly, go write! And be grateful this book is done (for now).

If you’re interested in the book – here is the link (there is a Kindle option and a paperback):


The book is on other e-pub sites as well, so Amazon is not the only place to find it. If you happen to read it (and you like it) please consider leaving a review on Amazon. With gratitude.

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