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I did a thing and…

Last week I wrote about how I did a thing. I wrote a book. I submitted the book to be self-published. Within minutes of hitting ‘submit’ the book had the words “In processing” next to it. Hooray! Almost done!

For the past week, those words have not changed. When I log in and check on things the same message sits next to my manuscript. “In processing.”

It’s like running a marathon and getting double hamstring cramps at mile 26. I can see the finish line. But I can’t move, both hamstrings are cramped and I’m rolling around on the ground like a seal out of water. I’m stuck at mile 26, unable to move, with only 0.2 miles to go.

So I did a thing, mostly. It’s nearly done. Now, I wait.

If I were my own best friend I would encourage myself to remember the work I did to make it to this point (and breathe). I didn’t get to mile 26 by sitting on the couch. I didn’t write a book by staring at a wall. The work has happened. The hay is in the barn, so to speak. Now… apparently the universe would like me to learn a bit about a patience. (Ahem, seriously universe?!?!)

Patience? Not my strong suit. So this week I started doing yoga again. Cleaned out magazines. Cleared out the bin of kids’ schoolwork. Put some plants in new pots. Organized a few drawers and cabinets that needed attention. Any task I could find to take my mind off the waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Seriously, how do people do this?!?! I know there are valuable lessons to be learned here but I just want to publish my book.

(And yes, I wrote the company I used to publish my book. And no, I have not heard anything back yet. Still waiting.)

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