Did you know the word “raccoon” has two c’s in it? I just learned this. This week!

I was writing something and I used the word “racoon.” The software flagged it, letting me know something was wrong. I checked. It told me to spell raccoon with 2 c’s. Huh.

I didn’t believe the software. I was certain I had spelled it correctly. Raccoon couldn’t possibly have 2 c’s in it? Could it? How could I have gotten this far in life and not known that? Have I never used the word raccoon in a piece of writing before this?

I looked it up in an online dictionary (certain the software was wrong and I would be vindicated). Nope, 2 c’s. I went so far as to look it up in a paper dictionary. Still 2 c’s. Hmm.

Whoa. I learned something new. Cool. So, that got me thinking. What else am I walking around, thinking I know for certain, that is actually not certain? What could be shifted or tweaked or changed? Maybe things are not as “cemented” as they seem…

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to take a moment and examine my life or my beliefs about my life. Are there any beliefs holding me back? Are there any standing in my way?

Because, here’s the deal – if I was that certain I was spelling raccoon correctly (so certain I looked it up in two other places to verify) what else I am so certain about that could yet be changed, for the better? I feel things opening and shifting as I ponder all of this. All because of the word raccoon. And being open to learning new things.

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