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Reflection & insight.

This morning my husband was listening to a short podcast while I was making lunches for the kids. If a podcast is playing it’s usually background noise to me. I don’t focus on it much. I try to remember to pack the right things in the right lunch boxes. I try not to multi-task.

Today though, something caught my attention. It was about insight. Something to do with reflection being a required first step to lead to insight. Oh. Then blah-blah-blah… the podcast carried onward. But not for me.

A lightbulb turned on. It’s not just space. Or time. Or quiet. It’s about reflection. Oh.

You see, I’ve been trying to find space. And time. But there haven’t been any insights. There’s just been swirling thoughts. Messy mind. Nothing sparking or popping or coming together. Just a slightly quieter, muddy brain after the space and time.

Oh. What may have been lacking is reflection.

So, if I were my own best friend I would encourage myself to keep making time and space. Keep seeking out quiet moments. I need them. But I would also encourage myself to reflect. On the day, the hour, the minute that has passed. What went well? What could be improved upon? What surprised me? What delighted me?

Perhaps this is the piece that’s been missing? Reflection. Perhaps this is the piece that leads to a slightly clearer brain? Less muddy. Less mucky. More mindful. I am hopeful.

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