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Finding my way

Over the past few weeks wayfinding has crossed my radar multiple times. It has appeared in blogs I follow. It has been written about in an online forum I am participating in. It has shown up in an online newspaper, a book, and a poem.

The first time it caught my attention I was interested. The second time I was surprised. The third, I simply nodded my head and said, “okay universe.” All the times after that I think the universe was simply showing off.

So, wayfinding.

I have just started to scratch the surface but what caught my attention was the idea of not just finding one’s way, but closing off ways to allow a new way to be found.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to ponder on that idea. When one way is closed, whether I close it or external forces do the closing, it allows another way to open up.

I often think of finding my way as doing the choosing or picking the path. But I forget about the part of closing off paths as a way of choosing as well. I wonder if by closing some paths the ones remaining will become stronger? Hmm. It’s time to get curious. What ways can I close that will allow new, as-yet-unknown ones to form?

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