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I took a few days off last week from nearly everything. I was not online. I was not checking email. I was not working. I was not trying to finish a huge project. It was just me and my family enjoying time together.

That time created space. That space allowed me to breathe. To read. To take things in. It always amazes me what happens when I check out a bit. I have room to tune in more to the things that interest me. Have you experienced this?

One of the things I learned about was Maria Mitchell. She was America’s first professional female astronomer. She taught astronomy at Vassar College. She was the only woman on the faculty at the time. She was also a poet.

This quote from her caught my attention.

Mingle the starlight with your lives and you won’t be fretted by trifles.

Maria Mitchell

Mingle the starlight. Hmmm. I like that.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to mingle starlight into my life. Mingle more of what I love, what I am passionate about, into my life. Mingle more joy. Mingle more wonder. Mingle more awe.

With all that mingling of starlight I will be less troubled by the small obstacles and speed bumps that arise in everyday life. Those won’t go away. But I will be less “fretted” by them. Less troubled.

Had I not taken time off. Had I not made space to breathe and do more of what I love I would have missed this quote. I would have missed the starlight.

So, mingle the starlight my friends.

Inspiration for this post was found in The Marginalian by Maria Popova –

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