Have you ever seen a sinking ship? Then thought, “hey, I could help that ship and those people on that ship, so they don’t sink so fast!” Or even better, “I could help that ship and those people not sink at all.” So you decided to jump onto the ship to help.

You found yourself on a sinking ship all excited to help… but you also discovered the ship was on fire. And there were a lot, A LOT, of holes throughout the structure of the ship. Plus there was a bit of a mutiny amongst the mates. As well as a lot of anger and fatigue and weariness. A general lack of food and supplies. And so on and so forth.

But you decided to stay and help anyway, because that was why you jumped on in the first place. So the question became where to start?

If I were my own best friend and I had just jumped onto a sinking, burning, mutinous, hole-y ship I would advise myself to start by putting out the fire. Then pick a hole, any hole, and help plug it. Keep plugging holes for as long as it’s safe (and not dangerous to you) until some of the holes are plugged. And maybe bring cookies, because sometimes they’re good for overall mutinous morale.

For all of you who choose to stay on sinking ships these days, I say “thank you.” For the work you are doing for the care you are providing for the difference you are making, thank you. Thank you for plugging the holes.

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