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Back to sqaure one.

Sometimes I feel like I keep ending up back at square one. Square one is the starting point. The jumping off point. The beginning of something.

I try something new. It works. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work the way I thought it would work. It’s a disaster. It’s a success.

I love it. I hate it. I love some of it. I want to keep some of it. I want to throw some of it in the trash. I want to bathe in it and bottle it and share it with everyone. I want to bury it deep where no one will ever know I tried this thing.

I learned something. I learned a lot of somethings. I learned nothing. I learned humility. I learned patience. I learned I really don’t like certain things. And I really love others.

And now I am back at square one.

But is it really square one?

I have all this extra knowledge or baggage or experience or opinions that I am bringing with me. So square one is not quite the same. The board of life is not quite the same. I have grown and changed.

I am back at square one-A.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself it is a great thing to be back at square one-A. Next time it will be square one-B and the refinement and growth will continue as long as I continue. Keep growing. Keep trying. Keep taking chances. Keep learning.

A thousand words of gratitude to Sue Heatherington at The Quiet Disruptors for the inspiration for this post. It came in the midst of a lovely conversation about life and starting over and stepping off into the unknown. If you are looking for daily inspiration in your inbox please look no further – check out Sue’s work.

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