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Garden 2.0

Last year I planted a garden. It was my first time at this house and I had high hopes. It was Garden 1.0. I pictured carrots and cucumbers and zucchini and pumpkins and tomatoes. Lots of vegetables. A rich landscape of colors and food. I had big dreams.

Last year I grew green leaves. And green vines. And more green leaves. There were a few flowers. A few watery tomatoes. A few short, stubby carrots. And lots of green leaves.

This year was Garden 2.0. I tried tomatoes again, with more sun. And then the rest of the garden was green leaves. Swiss chard. Collards. Lettuce. Lots of green leaves.

And it worked! There were many months of harvesting green leaves. And the kids… they ate swiss chard! They ate collards! They ate lettuce! Because they helped grow them and harvest them in the garden. The garden of (mostly) green leaves.

So if I were my own best friend I would remind myself if I fail to try again. Try to learn something from the failure. And then try again. I just might end up with months of green leaves!

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