Another conversation with a five year old… It all started when I was spraying detangler spray onto her hair so the hair could be combed after bath time. The 5-year old was putting on a knit hat at the same time I was spraying because she was cold.

5-yo: Stop spraying. Stop. STOP!

Me: Why? We need the spray to untangle your hair. Your hair closely resembles a birds’ nest right now.

5-yo: STOP! But you sprayed the hat. This is my favorite hat.

Me: Well, don’t put the hat on while I’m trying to spray and comb.

5-yo: (frantically running with hat to the sink in the bathroom and sticking it under water) But you sprayed the hat! It will untangle. You ruined my hat.

Me: Huh? (5-yo continues to wet the hat and glare at me)

5-yo: You sprayed my HAT! (anger is emphasized by birds nest of hair on top of head)

Me: But… the detangler spray is just for hair. It doesn’t detangle hats…

5-yo: The hat is tangled yarn. You ruined it! (now holding soggy wet hat and continuing to glare at me)

This was another moment in time with a few different lessons available, if I chose to think about them. I like the possible lesson about detangling things or leaving them tangled.

If I were my own best friend I would advise myself to step back and take a look at what is tangled in my life. Is it purposefully tangled together in an organized, knotted, knitted, way? Is it tangled and snarled to protect something? Are the tangles armor? Are they beautiful in their own way?

Are the tangles a roadblock? Did the tangles start as something lovely and orderly and then deteriorate into something that prevents me from moving forward? Do the tangles chain me down?

Do the tangles serve a purpose? Before I start detangling something I will pause to think about this now.

For anyone who was wondering, the knit hat was saved. The five year old made it to the sink in time. The hat did not detangle itself into a strand of yarn after being sprayed with detangler spray. It did eventually dry out again after being soaked within an inch of it’s knitted life. The hat lives on.

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