A conversation I had with a 5-year old recently.

5-yo: My favorite season is spring because I get to jump in puddles. In boots. Splash. WET!

Me: That’s nice.

5-yo: No… my favorite season is fall because I get to jump in leaves. Boom. Leaves. GO. FLYING.

Me: Oh, that’s nice too.

5-yo: But my favorite season is also winter because I get to jump in snow. Whoosh. Yay!

Me: Huh…

5-yo: Oh but my favorite season is summer because I get to jump in the pool and the lake and ocean. Splash. BIG SPLASH.

Me: So you like all the seasons?

5-yo: No. I just told you which one is my favorite. You should listen better.

I think there’s a lesson here if I want one. There are probably a few lessons but I like this one best right now…

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to jump a bit more. Jump into puddles. Jump into leaves. Jump into big drifts of snow. Jump into water. Jump.

Jumping requires a level of trust that I will land and I will get up. Jumping requires a moment of faith when I am in the air, having left the ground, but I have not landed yet. Jumping can be freedom. Jumping can be scary. Jumping can be joyous. Jumping can happen in any season of life. Jump.

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