I had “it.” But I never really thought I had enough of “it.” I was striving for and wanting more of “it.” I would make choices, thinking the “it” I had was not good enough or strong enough or big enough. I needed more. Of “it.” More. More. More.

And I was never thankful for the “it” I did have. I might say I was thankful but I wasn’t really. Because I thought I needed more of “it.” If I got more of “it” I thought I would then be able to be grateful.

Then one day, the “it” I had, went away.

If I had 100 “its” I now had 2. And I was suddenly very grateful for the “it” I did not realize I had before it was gone… and wistful. I wanted “it” back. All 98 of the “its” I had lost.

“It” could be so many things… health, wealth, happiness, contentment, connection, friendships, love, time…

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to be grateful for the “its” I do have. Be grateful for what is already there. Strive for more if I must. But appreciate what I already have. Because I will never know when what I have might disappear or go away. And it is a shame to suddenly realize how much I had only once it is gone.

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