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Gutter snow melt.

Some days I feel like the newly fallen snow. Fresh, clean, pristine. Shiny and bright. Glowing. The world is mine.

Then other days I feel a lot more like the slush that sits in the gutter after it has snowed and has started melting. Part snow, part water. Greyish brownish muck. The kind of stuff I absolutely do NOT want to step in if I forgot to put on snow boots or rain boots. The kind of stuff that if I do step in it… well, it soaks my shoes and my socks and my toes. There’s a grainy sludge that comes with the gutter slush that lodges in between my toes. And I really just want to immediately go home. Shower. Put on PJs and call it a day.

Some day I feel like that stuff – the grainy, gritty, snow melting, ice-sludge. Today was one of those days.

Breath work did not help. Walking did not help. Visualizing… nope. Meditation… nope. Eating well was not gonna do it. Kind and compassionate self talk… not working for ice-sludge-muck.

So what to do when I feel like gutter gunk?

If I were my own best friend I would recommend kick boxing to myself. Sometimes I don’t need gentle or soft. Sometimes I need ass-kicking, heart pumping, aggression-releasing, circa-early-2000s kick boxing. The soft and gentle and good-to-myself-stuff has its place. But when I’m feeling like the ice-melt-sludge that gets stuck between your toes it’s time to unleash a little inner-anger. Punch. Kick. Pound until I feel better.

I am not the snow or the sludge. I am just a human trying to make it through each day (and maybe do a few uppercuts and roundhouse kicks while I’m at it).

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