Be Human Gratitude

Boil and ice.

Boiling, churning, bubbling. About to overflow. Roil and toil and trouble right to the edge. Going to blow.

Then stop. In the cauldron of burning, bubbling, boiling hot water an ice cube is dropped. Then another. And another. They dissolve almost instantly. Lost amongst the heat and the turmoil.

Yet… there is a change. The churning slows. A simmer, more gentle, more controlled. Still heated but less so. The water is clearer. The steam dissipates. Things calm. The water is still the same water but I can see through it now.

Before: boiling water
After: boiling water with ice cubes

If I were my own best friend and I were faced with a roiling, boiling cauldron of emotions I would remind myself what it looks like when an ice cube is dropped in the pot. The ice cube melts but it also cools the water. It calms the water.

What are the “ice cubes” I can drop into my toil-and-trouble-cauldron of heated emotions? How can I cool myself down? It’s good to have a few ice cubes on hand, sometimes one is not enough.

What are my favorite “ice cubes”? Lately they have been gratitude for what is. Breathing. Walking. What about you? How do you calm the boiling waters?

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