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Emotional recess.

There are those emotions again. Those feelings. Those…. Ugh. There are so many of them (still). All churning and rushing and moving around. It’s hard to get a handle on what’s going on when there are so many and they are so active. Like a herd of 3-year-olds in a classroom who have not been outside all day…

Anger, sit down. Fear, in the corner, take a break. Anxiety, yes you, anxiety take a seat. Jealousy, yup, little green monster, go to opposite corner. Doubt, all of you, take the nap mat and rest. Uncertainty, you can have the other nap mat. Frustration, go to the other room for a few minutes. Angst, wash your hands, you’re a mess. Guilt, there’s a bean bag chair, sit on that.

If only I could actually do this with my emotions. Sort them out. Take a break. Then call them out when I am ready to deal with each one. One at a time. But that’s not life. Not my life anyways.

They all come at once. It can be overwhelming. It can be disconcerting. It can be an opportunity to grow.

If I were my own best friend I might start to think of my emotions like crazy, wired, kept-inside-too-long-and-need-room-to-run kids… what if I let them run a little? What if I feel each emotion and then let it run a little in the fresh air? What if, instead of putting each one aside I let them all out for recess?

I won’t let them attack each other. They still have to play nice. No hurting others. But what would happen if anger took it out running circles in the grass? And fear dug holes in the mud? What if doubt and uncertainty chased each other and played tag? And frustration, well maybe a few trips down the slide would be good? Jealousy, try the swings? Angst, kick a ball or ride a bike? Guilt, swing on the bars?

What if we all gave those emotions the room to roam and breathe and feel? Emotional recess. Would it be like a class of three-year-olds when they make their way back inside… excited, a little tired, a little muddy or grass-stained or a boo-boo on the knee, but refreshed? It just might be.

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