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I can.

I actually took my own advice last week (last week I wrote about the difference between “I can’t” and “I choose not to”). I thought about “I can” vs. “I choose” and I decided I can exercise first thing in the morning. I can get up early and put on warm clothes and do this exercise thing when it’s still dark and cold outside. I can.

So I did.

It’s quiet in the morning. I am generally the noisiest thing on the sidewalks. I hear the swish-swosh of my jacket and my feet pounding along the pavement. I hear cars in the distance. The sky is still inky indigo dark. The air is crisp and feels cleaner. After two minutes of walking I remind myself to drop my shoulders and they relax. I find my pace.

My pace. I had forgotten I had a pace. So much time spent walking with kids on bikes or scooters. Cajoling kids to keep going. Stopping and starting. At 6 am it is just me and my own pace. It’s been a revelation to find I still have a pace.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself good job for saying “I can” and for following through. I would encourage myself to keep walking. Keep finding my pace. There is an unexpected freedom in walking my pace by myself. Just me and the inky sky and the cold air and the swish-swosh. One foot at a time. Moving forward.

I can. What about you? What could you do that would help you find your own pace?

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