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Point of view.

This holiday season one my kiddos received a gift. It was clothing.

The gift was opened and assessed. My kiddo smiled. My kiddo said ‘thank you’ and moved on with gift opening.

I was happy. We had been working on graciously receiving gifts. Seeing the thoughtfulness behind the gift. Saying thank you even if you are not sure what to do with something.

I thought the clothing was unwearable. Later I made a point to talk with my kiddo. I told him I was really glad he was so gracious when he opened the gift but did not have to wear it.

“Why wouldn’t I wear it? What’s wrong with it? I like it,” were his responses.

Ah. I felt very small. And very foolish. And quite ungracious.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself my point of view is just that, mine. Everyone has their own point of view or set of beliefs. Don’t make assumptions – ask what someone else thinks or believes before assuming I know. And remember lessons about living a gracious life may come from unexpected small places.

1 comment on “Point of view.

  1. This is such an important thing to remember. For me, I need to remember my user and customer aren’t me. Ask good questions. Listen. Learn their point of view/needs/wants/problems … and don’t assume anything. Thank you for posting!

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