Be Mindful

Autumn leaves.

The fall leaves have seemed especially brilliant this year. The colors seem infused with extra color and when the sun hits them they appear to glow. I walk down the sidewalk and suddenly feel like I am immersed in “red world” – all the shades and variations of red I can imagine on the trees above me and on the ground below, already fallen. I pause, trying to capture or bottle the color in my mind, for winter days when there will be no color.

I have a friend who takes beautiful photographs. I often feel I am in the image when I look at it. Next to the horse. Just out of sight of the geese. Standing on the plains looking at the mountains. I wish I could record these autumn leaves this year in the same way. I feel like I am going to need their light and magic as the winter months advance.

I fear we are only one large (or even moderate) storm away from the leaves all falling for the season. The yellows, the oranges, the reds, the browns. They will all be blown or washed away in the rain. And then what?

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself the fall leaves will be gone and the winter will come, that is the nature of nature. Each season has its place and reason for being. Embrace each one. Fall will return again. I might wonder why I am noticing the leaves so much more this year? Are they truly more brilliant? Or have I finally slowed down enough to notice and appreciate them? Good questions to ponder as I walk amongst the leaves for a few more days.

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