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Too much new.

Can you have too much new? Too much different. Too much change. And if yes, where’s the line? Where do you cross over from “oh, this is good-new and just the right amount” to “blegh, this is too-much-new and now I feel anxious and not-so-good.”

I crossed over last night. I’m working on a new project that involves multiple levels of things I do not easily embrace (ahem, technology). I fully recognize the utility of technology for connecting people when you are unable to do so in person. But I still don’t quite like it.

So last night I was faced with four different technology things and none of them were comfortable. All served a certain utility. Working with one was alright, uncomfortable and new but I could deal. When I added number two I was inching towards that invisible line of blechiness. Then somewhere between three and four it happened. That feeling of tense, anxious, anger in my gut and body. Too much new.

I had a monumental moment of grumpiness. Then I closed it all down and read a book (a paper book with pages and a cover and no technology thank you). Things looked better this morning.

So if I were my own best friend I would tell myself to keep pushing forward with learning new things. Do not stop because it’s uncomfortable or new. Eventually it will not be new. And if I reach that moment of “too much new” take a break. Come back to it later. Get some sleep. Read a book. Embrace changes and newness but it’s okay to do it in pieces with pauses in between too.

4 comments on “Too much new.

  1. This comes right on time for me. I spent hours trying to get my new laptop to talk to my very old printer via wifi and while I’ll spare you the boring details, my level of frustration was just too much…and I, too, closed it down to read. There’s nothing like analog reading when I reach the tech saturation point. What you’ve written here is so affirming for me and will help me to keep remembering it. Many thanks!

  2. Hmmmm technology and new? What were you up to!?!


    • Alas it is not Instagram yet. But considering what I am wrestling with currently that will hopefully be easier when I get there. 🙂

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