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How do you decide?

How do you make a decision? Is it quick? Do you take your time? Do you take too much time? Do you go with your gut? What about your heart? Do you write out every pro and con you can think of? Do you focus on the decision at hand? Do you focus on the problem you are faced with? They might be different from each other.

Do you narrow your focus so tight all you can see is the problem? Do you widen your lens so you can see all the pieces and how they fit with each other and affect the problem?

Do you flip a coin and go with that answer? Do you flip a coin once, then flip it two more times for the best 2 out of 3? Do you flip a coin then choose the opposite because your gut tells you to do it?

How do you make a decision?

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to do a little bit of everything. Narrow the lens. Widen the lens. Learn as much as I can. Focus in. List the pros and cons. Go with my gut. Flip the coin once. Flip the coin three times. Then decide to do what makes my life lighter and more free.

For many decisions right now I (and you) will not have all the information or be able to see the whole picture. Often times it is murky at best. I will not be given the opportunity to flip the coin or list the pros and cons. I will simply have to decide and hope I choose well. As I navigate this world we live in, I strive to choose things that make my life more love-filled, free, and authentic. So, how do you make decisions?

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