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Bridges make me think of transitions – moving from one thing or one space to a new thing or space. When you are on the bridge you are no longer where you were. And you have not reached where you are going, your new destination. It is an in-between space. Not here. Not there.

Right now life seems to be filled with many transitions or in-between spaces. Bridges. Things are not what they were. Yet they have not arrived at what they are going to be. It can be hard to sit or move in that middle space. Especially if you cannot see the end of the bridge. Especially if the bridge seems to be getting longer. Especially if you never wanted to be on the bridge in the first place.

But here you are. On the bridge.

And here is the thing I have been pondering most recently about bridges (or transitions). Once you are on the bridge you generally cannot turn around and go back. You have to see it all the way through or all the way across. One way only.

If I were my own best friend, and I found myself on a bridge (or maybe ten bridges all at the same time), I would tell myself to be gentle with myself. You are vulnerable when you are on a bridge. You are more fragile in the midst of transition. You are remarkably resilient, but also delicate. During times of transition be softer. Be careful. Be gentle.

You may not see the other side yet, but know, it is there. You may not know what it looks like yet, but know, this is where you are supposed to be. Even if you cannot quite see what you came from or what you are heading towards. Trust. And keep moving forward. Thoughtfully. Gently. Softly.

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