There may be a time in your life when you think you are a rock. Strong. Solid. Relatively immovable. Space and shape in the world are secure and formed. Where and how you exist are known and visible to yourself and others. You are a rock.

Then life happens.

It might be one big, traumatic hit that fractures you into two pieces. With a chasm in the middle. You are still a rock. But you look different. Now you are a tunnel for kids to climb in and play on and adventure through and use for forts. You are rock. Still the same core, but different in the world.

Then life happens.

It rains. There is wind. Earth shifts. There is snow. Ice. Small fractures form along lines. Small becomes large. What once was a boulder becomes many smaller rocks. Someone sees all the pieces of rock. They build a wall or a pile or a structure. Perhaps they sit on you and enjoy a picnic in the sun. Or create a space to shelter under when it rains. You are still a strong solid rock, but different. Same core, but now many rocks.

Then life happens.

One large piece remains and you have continued to feel like a strong, solid rock. Even though you look much changed. Even though the way you exist in the world is different. There is a small groove. Over time the groove is weathered and deepened. It becomes a small pool. Water gathers and stays. A little earth settles at the edge. A small seed arrives by wind or bird or animal. The seed grows. Birds come and sun on the edge of the pool. They drink water. They sit in the shade of the small tree that is growing. You are a rock but you are also a home now.

You are a rock. But you are much changed. And perhaps as those changes happen you meet them with grace and wisdom and acceptance of the changes life brings. When life happens. Perhaps you fight and rage and put up your best rock armor to stave off the attacks and insults of life. But. Life still happens.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself it is alright to be a rock, strong, solid, sure of myself. But. But it is also important to remember I will change. We all do. Life happens.

2 comments on “A rock.

  1. Carla Clement

    One of my favorites of yours!
    Our hearts expand and contract. Yet remains our heart.
    Everything moves, shifts, changes. I love your reminder that through those transformations, we remain like a rock our core selves. Growing ever stronger and more steady as we gain wisdom.

    • Oh gosh, this made me smile down to my toes! It’s exactly what I was thinking about when I sat down and wrote this.

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