A friend was reading a book and shared a passage with me. It was about the concept of amplification – what you put into the world spreads.

I immediately pictured the ripples that spread in the water after you toss in a small stone.

There are many different images for the same concept.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself that what I put into the world grows and may intensify. Anger, fear, disgust – those spread. So do happiness, peace, calm. What do you want to spread today? What do you want to share?

As a corollary thought… sometimes I toss a stone in the water, then try to throw a second stone and hit exactly the same spot. I almost never hit the first spot. But the ripple pattern is interesting as the two series of small waves meet, interact, and grow.

The message is the similar I suppose. Think about what you are sharing or augmenting. Which is more powerful? Which ripples knock the others off course? Darkness or light? Angst or grace? Falsehoods or truth?

It’s your choice. Amplify what you want to see more of in your world.

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