Random thoughts.

When I am at a loss for what to write I will often turn to making a list. This is a list-kind-of-day…

  1. I used power tools this weekend to refinish some outdoor furniture. I have generally been a fan of doing things by hand. Turns out, I really like power tools. Go figure.
  2. I like the color pink. My favorite color remains blue. However over the past few years I have added pink shoes and a pink sweater and a pink dress (or two) to my closet. I had a pink bedroom in high school (I always said I painted it pink for my mom). I might as well finally admit it – I like pink.
  3. Homemade chocolate ice cream is kind of a pain to make. Anything that requires a small pot, a blender, and an ice cream maker and results in more than 5 minutes worth of dishes is a pain in my book. But, it is so much better than anything you can buy in the store. Totally worth the fuss and mess.
  4. Children’s book are fun to read. Sometimes I don’t feel like settling into an adult book so I go the kids’ rooms and grab one of the books they like. They are often funny, have a nice message, and colorful pictures. If you feel like reading but don’t want something too long or too dense pick a kid’s book.
  5. Shrimp boils are great. We did this for dinner last weekend for the first time. A giant pot boiling with corn and potatoes and shrimp and spices. I strained it then dumped it onto a tray in the middle of the dinner table. People got to take what they wanted. I thought the kids would hate it, but they loved it. And it was super easy to make. I will definitely be doing this again this summer.

And finally, because this is a blog about being your own best friend… If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to write a list when I don’t know what to write about. The most random things just tumbled out of my memory. Joy! Maybe one of them resonates with you… If not maybe something made you smile. If neither, then please return next week, hopefully I will feel like writing something a bit more serious by then. 🙂 Until then, wishing you a nice week, wear pink, eat chocolate ice cream, and go read a kid’s book.

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