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Space is good.

When you are on a self-imposed break from a lot of what you normally read or take-in it frees up a little mental space (actually a lot). No news. No social media. Only books or emails or blogs that fill me up right now. No empty buckets. One might think all this wide open mental space would be used for the greater good… Sowing fertile fields or something of that nature.

Thinking about long term life plans. Making short term goals. Self development. Learning something new. Growing. Pondering. Meditating. Mindfulness. Making healthy, fulfilling choices.

One would mostly be wrong.

Tonight the extra mental space went towards a battle of two forces that are strong within our house right now. Both were two-inch tall lego characters I have managed to not step on yet. (So they remain in our home, for now). Harry Potter vs Elsa… who will emerge victorious?

HP: I have the power of seven books, eight movies, and a whole theme park named after me. I will easily defeat you. Bwahaha.

E: I have two giant movies, more books and spin-offs than I can count, and you can buy bananas with my face on them. I am on fruit. Take that. Oh, and t-shirts. And socks. And lip gloss. And cereal. And bandages. And lunch boxes. And…

HP: Who needs bananas, I can do magic. And I have a lightning bolt shaped scar on my forehead.

E: I am magic. And I can call on the power of actual lightning. I am the fifth element. I will smite thee.

HP: Smite me? And wait isn’t the fifth element a Bruce Willis movie? I think the chick in that movie had great hair…

E: I don’t know. But my hair is awesome too.

HP: Oh yeah, well my hair is one of my best-known features, after my scar and green eyes.

And so it went. The kids got bored and wandered off after a few minutes. I got bored too. But it left me thinking. Who would win? If Harry Potter and Elsa dueled who would actually win?

And then (like lightning struck me) I realized I actually had the space and the time to think about something as ridiculous as a duel between Harry Potter and Elsa.

So if I were my own best friend I would continue to take a mental break. Space to be creative and silly, is good. Space to sit with people and just be, is good. Space in my day that does not have to be filled with process and improvement, is good. And so, my break continues for now.

But the big question remains, who would win? What do you think?

1 comment on “Space is good.

  1. I think Rachel wins. For holding space for silliness and creativity.

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