Be Human Joy

Super powers.

Every so often the topic of super powers comes up in my house. If you had a super power what would it be? Invisiblity. Flying. X-ray vision. Controlling water. Controlling weather. Controlling wind. Controlling time (that was my favorite until recently). Super strength. Super speed. Super gadgets. Master of destruction. Master of distraction. So many good options. And then there are the costumes, don’t even get me started.

It’s a fun exercise, thinking about super powers. And thinking about how you could use those powers to change the world or make it a better place. What would you choose?

If I were my own best friend, I would remind myself we all (every single one of us) already have a super power. We can use it, unleash it, spread it around, anytime we want to. Any. Time. And it makes the world a significantly better place. So as much as it would be fun to be able to fly, see in the dark, control wind, and stop time, it is far more important to simply be kind.

Kindness, love, joy – these are super powers. We all have access to them. We can all wield them. So please go recklessly attack the world with kindness, love and joy. Because even though the world is going to be alright, it’s also going to be a very different place from what we knew. And new and different can be scary (like a villain) and they may need to be conquered and tamed with a little kindness and love.

3 comments on “Super powers.

  1. Jo Ollila

    I’d definitely say you have multiple superpowers! Writing, cooking delicious meals and goodies, completing an Iron(wo)man, and most importantly, having an incredible Spidey sense about others and knowing when a hug, a kind word, or a good joke might be needed. I retroactively and proactively thank you for all of the above.

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