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Answers. Believe. Begin.

Occasionally, when I am wrestling with questions or looking for answers I like to flip through old books for inspiration. Many of my books have passages highlighted or tagged with pencil or pen, pages are dog-eared or post-its stick out haphazardly, marking a spot that had meaning when I last read the book. Sometimes I reread the marked area and it does not resonate any more. I leave it as it is, perhaps it will on another day, when I return again. And then sometimes something I marked previously was exactly what I was looking for. Finding those spots feels like unearthing treasure.

Two quotes found me as I flipped through my stacks of books. Both from Danielle LaPorte (of Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions fame).

  1. You already know the answer
  2. You don’t need to know the answer before you begin

Quotes about answers, when I went hunting for answers. This was not lost on me. Harumph was my first thought.

But if I already knew the answer I wouldn’t be hunting for it… Hmph. Pause.

So…. what if I really do already know the answer? Hmph… pause again. Wait and sit with it. Somewhere deep in my soul I think this is true. Actually, I know this is true. I do already know the answer.

But the answer can be scary. If the answer is so far away from where I am now. How do I get there? Hmmm, perhaps I’ll just pretend I don’t know the answer. But no… no, no, no. I do actually know the answer. So, that’s not going to work anymore.

But how to get to the answer? When I am. So. Very. Far. Away.

And there is the second quote, patiently waiting. You don’t need to know the answer before you begin. Simply begin. And the answer (the one I believe I know), it may change along the way. In fact, it probably will change. So that is alright too.

I already know the answer. The answer will change. And I don’t really need to know the answer. I simply need to begin.

So if I were my own best friend, and my friend was looking for answers, I would tell my friend – you already know the answer and begin. Trust what you already know. Trust. Believe. And most importantly begin, even if you aren’t sure about the answer. Begin. Believe. Begin.

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