Evolve & Grow

Changes in progress.


So….. you might notice a few differences on the site over the next few weeks. I am working on an upgrade and learning as I go. Let’s emphasize the word, LEARNING. I really like writing and drawing. I am not sure about the technical aspects of this craft but again, learning!

This site was born almost 10 years ago and in “blog years” it has moved into the teenage years, possibly getting ready to move out and leave for college or a European tour. It is ready for an overhaul, a makeover, a new-look party if you will. I will continue to post about once a week and I will try to make this transition as smooth as possible.

I want to apologize in advance though, as things might get a little rocky here and there. Thank you for bearing with me and being a part of this journey. Growth can be hard.

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