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Evolution or revolution

Evolution or revolution. I have been pondering the difference between the two words. This idea came up in a book I was listening to by Gabrielle Bernstein a few weeks ago and again in a book by Brene Brown this past week. Change happens – does it happen by evolution or revolution? Do you have a preference? Is one change better for one type of thing and worse for another? Can you reach the same end point with either?

Evolution seems to be slow and built on small incremental steps. The overall change can be massive when you step back and look at each tiny piece that built into it. But the timeline is slow and long.  Drip, drip, drip. Grand Canyon.

Revolution seems to be more on the fast and furious side. Big changes, ignited by more immediate need or emotion. The timeline may be shorter. Waterfall or deluge. Flooding.

I think the differences may be illustrated by how a person takes off a band aid. There is the evolutionary method – slow, methodical, peeling back the sticky bandage millimeter by millimeter, possibly less pain or possibly prolonged pain, I am not sure. There is the revolutionary method – quick, rapid yanking off of the bandage, any errant hairs are gone in the process, the pain is acute and possibly intense but then done, the change is made, move on.


If you had a choice which would you pick? If I were my own best friend, and I were being honest with myself, I would say most of the time, I would choose evolutionary change, slow methodical, thought-out with tiny adjustments over a long time. But then, occasionally, I feel a bit revolutionary and I want to run out and dye my hair hot pink or move to Colorado or leave my career in healthcare or start a lavendar farm. I think the important thing is knowing when to apply which type of change – I will leave most of this to evolutionary change, but I might show up for work with hot pink hair tomorrow.

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