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Aspiring or Deluding?


I am reaching for the stars. My goal is big and it is out there, waaaay out of reach right now, but I can see it. I can visualize it. I am not quite sure what the path will be to get there. But there is the goal… the big, shiny, beautiful, quiet, loud, soft, bright, pink, gold, blue, fuzzy, clear goal. My dream. My star.

Is reaching for something that is very very different and so very very far away aspiring? Am I dreaming big and daring big? Or is this reach, this stretch, this yearning, just a little too far away… is this delusion to think I will get there? If I get the big carrot at the end of the stick, well then the reach was aspirational, right? But if I fall flat on my face and don’t come anywhere close was it then delusion?

And then what if… what if I get back up? What if I dust myself off and wipe off the sweat and build a better way to reach and keep going? Sounds more like aspiring to me. So if I were my own best friend I would tell myself to keep reaching for the stars and to keep trying and to keep going. If you get knocked down it will hurt. If you fall on your face it will not feel good. But get back up and keep reaching. Learn something and reach out again. Big dreams are just that, big dreams. Not delusions, but aspirations. Keep reaching.

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