Jump in without looking. Jump in without thinking. Don’t pause. Jump. Leap. Reach. Go. Press accept. Book it. Send it. Dive in. Follow your gut. Follow your heart.

Or don’t.

Pause. And weigh the pros and cons. Consider the options. Sleep on it for the night. Or another night. Or another. Reconsider. Make lists. Talk it out. Talk it through. Really really think about it. Ponder. Keep pondering. Keep thinking. Keep mulling. Mull. Mull. Mull. Maybe add a little spice to the mull, nope too risky. Keep thinking. Pause. Sit.


Sometimes there are decisions that need to be made quickly and without too much deep thought. Go with the gut. Trust your heart. Jump. To borrow from Nike, Just Do It. If I were my own best friend I would try to get out of my way and do more leaping and jumping and diving. I have gotten pretty good at pause and ponder. You cannot get places with pause and ponder. You can grow moss with pause and ponder. You get places by jumping in. You can get unstuck. You get un-mossy. You can push the envelope, move the needle, shift the line, or whatever analogy your prefer. But the point is you don’t get anywhere on pause. You don’t get anywhere pondering. You don’t get anywhere new by sitting and thinking.

Jump. In. Already. Jump.

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