Be Human


Do you have to take every opportunity that comes your way? What if the opportunity is what most people would think you should do next? What if the opportunity is a step-up in status? What if the opportunity is a logical next step on your career path? What if the opportunity pays more? What if you never asked for the opportunity?

What if the opportunity makes your stomach hurt? What if the opportunity is exactly the opposite of what your heart wants you to do? What if the opportunity is something you have never wanted to do? What if there are 8 things in the pro-column and only 1 thing in the con-column?

Do you take the opportunity? Do you try it out? Do you say no? Do you say yes? Do you follow convention and take the next logical step? Do you follow your heart?


If I were my own best friend I would say follow my heart. But here’s the thing, I have been writing this blog for over 8 years now, and you would think, based on the title of this blog, and the overwhelming content of this blog, to follow your heart and live your best life, that this would be easy. But it is not. Convention is strong. Expectation is strong. And the only thing in the con-column is my heart. So what do you do?

1 comment on “Opportunity.

  1. Steve Cohen


    Follow your heart. But the problem is your heart’s desire changes when you have a family and especially children. Then your hearts desire becomes to make the best life you can for them and you become secondary. Either way you will make a good decision

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