Be Mindful Gratitude

An island of excuses.

I have a to-do list that never seems to end. I try to prioritize it but there are always things left at the end of the day. Some of those things have been on my list for months now. And when I look at them (and think about them not getting done) I try to give myself a little grace. I try to say “it’s alright” or “you’ll get to it when you can” or “look at everything else you did today or this week.” But here’s the thing – I am starting to wonder if by continuing to give myself grace I am actually building a making-excuses-island-outpost in the sea of grace. I am starting to think I am actually sitting back in a hammock, under a palm tree, sipping a mai-tai listening to the waves of “it’s ok” crash on the sand?


If I were my own best friend I would suggest I take a hard look at whether or not I am being gentle or kind with myself or if I have become marooned in excuses. I would also tell myself to consider whether or not things that have been on my to-do list since 2017 should really still be on there? What do you think? Grace or excuses? Do you have a list with to-do items from 2 years ago?

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