Be Human

Never, never, never…

Never say never say never say never. Beware what you say “never” to… just beware.

I said I would never (99% sure I would never) have kids.

…now I have 2…

I said I would never move to Los Angeles.

…I lived there for 5 years (and ended up really liking it)…

Then I said I would never move back to the Pacific northwest (and away from the sunshine).

… And now I’ve been back in the northwest for almost 8 years…

I thought I would never buy a house, especially an older, quirky, needs-some-love kind of house…

…But I did, and it turns out I probably should not have bought an older, quirky house (it was a lot of work)…

I said I would never move to the suburbs. City living was for me! Preferably downtown, loft-style living.

…Ha. Hello suburban America… And for right now it just makes sense.

I never thought I would wipe my kid’s nose with my hand or co-sleep or go 6+ months without sleeping more than 4 hours in a stretch or cook mac & cheese from a box every week.

…Ha again. I did all of those (and so many more)…

And finally, I said I would never, not ever, no-sir-no, drive a minivan.

…but my car had to have some repairs done and it was the minivan, a two-door hatchback or an F-150 with no back seat to pick from. So another “never” bites the dust (along with any bit of pride or coolness I thought I had retained).


And at this point, if I were my own best friend I would tell myself to stop saying “I will never…” because you really cannot predict where life is going to take you. And I’m starting to believe that saying “I will never…” is a sure-fire way to make that thing happen.  So what have you said “I will never…” about?

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