Be Mindful

Be patient.

I was driving this week and the car in front of me was driving a bit erratically – the stopping and starting were a little herky-jerky and turning was done in increments. Smack dab in the middle of the back of the car was a large yellow sticker that said “New Driver. Be Patient.” And, I was.


Imagine if we call came with big yellow stickers. New mom. Be patient. New job. Be patient. Grieving widow. Be patient. Grieving father. Be patient. Recently released. Be patient. Recently dumped. Be patient. Newly single. Be patient. Newly homeless. Be patient. Chronically ill. Be patient. Chronically angry. Be patient. Really hungry. Be patient. Really tired. Be patient. Just moved. Be patient. Just can’t. Be patient. New career. Be patient. New divorce. Be patient. Broken leg. Be patient. Broken heart. Be patient. And so it goes.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself that everyone, absolutely every single person on this planet, has something they are struggling with today. It is part of being human and being alive. So, instead of getting angry or frustrated or anxious or any number of other not-so-helpful emotions, I will remind myself to be patient. Take a slow, deep breath and simply be patient.

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