Evolve & Grow

New and different.

Oh my gosh you guys. Oh my goodness. This is the first time in eight years that I have published this blog from a different computer. Not only is it a different computer but it is a completely different operating system (where the heck is everything? why don’t my quick keys work?? argh.). It is also the first time I have (gulp) drawn on the tablet and not on good-old-fashioned pen and paper then scanned it in. I have soooo much to learn. But hopefully this change will result in good things down the road. Sometimes you have to change the tools you are using to change the path you are on. So today’s post is simply about growth. What did you do today that was new or different? Did you scare yourself a little by stepping out of your comfort zone? I know it sounds silly but doing this blog from a different computer and not with my usual tools feels a little scary.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to take those chances that push us to grow because without growth we stagnate. And no one really wants a stinky, stagnating blog.


1 comment on “New and different.

  1. Love your posts. Always thought provoking along with humor and whimsical art work to get your point across!! Keep them coming. 😊

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